Are we all divas with a pale everyday life?

DIven with a pale everyday #gourmetguerilla #frauenbild Sometimes you have such moments: you hear or read a certain sentence and just can not get rid of it. So pure thought. And the longer one moves this single sentence within itself and sorts it from left to right, the less willing it is to linger quietly and modestly in the indifference-brain-turns. No, it keeps getting stronger, puffing up and stubbornly demanding attention. That's what happened to me today with a press release from a chocolate maker that fluttered electronically into my mailbox. There was that one sentence that settled:

"Diva for a day. For all women who yearn for a moment when everyday life fades, there's the new chocolate collection. "

Ah, I thought, before I devoted myself to my livelihood again. But the chocolate sentence came again. And again. And rumbled. Yikes, I thought suddenly, sitting upright. Do the chocolate producers of this world see me that way? Was there perhaps elaborate market research conducted, in which it emerged that the majority of German women has a terrible everyday life and therefore is actually constantly fleeing from reality? Can this be? Yes, just call me word-wise or petty. Maybe this is also due to the current hormone status (to stay with the women's issues) - but this sentence made me rebellious.

I find my everyday life unexcited, exhausting, great, soso lala, funny, normal, disturbing, totally stupid, gin-tonic-suspicious or even wonderful. Just as the everyday life is probably designed for just about every person out there. Of course I am also now and then totally annoyed and have emigration fantasies. At least. But does that really drive us to the desire to change cinderella by pigeon, witch hazel or other means into someone else - because then everything is better and the gray, murky Tristesse our everyday life disappears, at least for a tiny little moment? Do we long for a praline length afterwards, like to rise up Phoenix from the Herdasche and to adjust the diadem for a short time? Maybe then even a prince of the Bachelor would pass by on a white horse?

Without wanting to go too far in the direction of the feminist fight of Alice Schwarzer (I represent the post-feminist approach): What kind of a female image is that? That's exactly the situation that left us so uncannily anxious in the second season of Mad Men and, moreover, involuntarily reminds us of the proverbial play by the Rolling Stones. I thought that as self-determined women and men, we had left the daily grief of the 60s far behind. Or is not it?

Some things you just have to get to the bottom of it. There is no other way. That's why I asked the chocolate company via e-mail: Women want everyday life to fade and therefore eat chocolates?

The answer came immediately: one should not take the text so seriously. Rather, it means that you should treat yourself to a little glamor in everyday life - that applies to all women who enjoy fashion, luxury and beautiful things.

Well then, that's good. Um, was I actually promoted communicatively in no time at all, from the status of a frustrated aunt with everyday aspirations for everyday life to an open-minded luxury cut that quickly indulges in extra glamor in her fun-oriented routine? And does this picture make me happier now?

No, I somehow do not fit smoothly between the sheets into the target group clusters. I am stubborn.Well. After all, I know that right divas throw smelly socks and eat snickers. In that sense.

A pleasant, not too pale everyday life.