FAQ – Piercing

What are the requirements to get pierced?

South Carolina requirements to get pierced are being over the age of 18 and with two forms of valid ID where one has to have a picture of the customer (preferably DL/Government issued ID).

Can I get pierced if I am under 18 years old?

Yes, as long as a legal parent or a guardian is present at the time of piercing and signs off for the minor. Both minor and parent must have a valid government issued identification at the time of piercing. If the minor does not have a drivers license or passport, then the child’s birth certificate and school ID (with name and picture) are acceptable. In addition, if the child is 15 years old or younger, South Carolina state law requires a note from a medical doctor stating that the minor is physically able to receive the desired piercing (notes from an RN are not accepted).

Are your piercers certified?

Yes, all of our piercers have received both South Carolina State certification and a DHEC (Department of Health and Environmental Control) certification. They have also received certification for CPS, Blood Born Pathogens, and First Aid.

Are you DHEC Approved?

Yes. We have a DHEC certification which is granted annually by the SC DHEC and is granted only after thorough inspections.

Is your shop clean?

Absolutely! We maintain our piercing tools and piercing environment as clean and sterile as possible. We use the same autoclaves, ultra-sonics, MadaCides, and sterilization techniques as the hospitals do. In addition, there are frequent inspections from DHEC to ensure that the shop is up to code. You are in good hands.

Do you sell aftercare kits for piercings?

Yes, we offer medical grade anti-microbial soap as well as non-iodized sea salt at the shop. In addition, we provide you with a detailed after-care instructions sheet to follow in taking care of your piercing. It is everything you need to properly and effective heal a piercing and prevent it from getting infected.

Do you offer numbing for piercings?

Yes, we offer a topical gel to numb the area that will receive a piercing. Most customers say that the numbing gel reduces 85% to 90% of the pain of the piercing.Can I administer self numbing agents to subdue the pain of a piercing (i.e. alcohol or prescription medication)? Any person that is visibly intoxicated will be asked to return for a piercing at a later date.

How much does it cost to get pierced?

Piercing prices are different for different body parts. In addition, our specials change constantly. For most updated pricing please call the store at 843-445-9955.

Is the jewelry included in the piercing price?

No, jewelry is not included in the price. We offer our customers the widest selection of body jewelry in the myrtle beach, including 316L surgical steel, Grade 5 titanium, 14K Gold, and more.

Do you carry jewelry in the store?

Yes. In addition to the basic piercing jewelry we care a wide selection of body jewelry including dangle belly rings, UV, jewelry, gold, surgical steel, plugs, tunnels, organic, wood and stone jewelry. We also offer a custom order of diamond jewelry.

Can I bring in my own jewelry to get pierced with?

Yes, as long as the jewelry is appropriate for body piercing. Please note that outside jewelry must be sterilized before it is used to perform piercing with it, and there is a .99 sterilization fee.

How can I schedule an appointment?

You can use our web site to schedule an appointment and request a limo pick-up if needed. We highly recommend using our web site appointment scheduling as this would save you waiting time in the studio. There is a deposit required to schedule an appointment. To schedule an appointment contact us.

Can you pick me up?

Yes. Our free limo service can pick you up and drop you off from your location. To request a pick-up please call our limo at 843-450-6554, or 843-445-9955.

Do you do micro-dermal piercings?

Yes. We do preform micro-dermal piercings, we also have a large selection of jewlery.

I have a medical problem. Can I still get pierced?

People with medical problems are highly advised to discuss the issue with your personal physician and get a doctor’s note that it is OK to perform the piercing. We reserve the right to refuse a piercing service to someone with a medical problem that would risk the customer’s health.

FAQ – Piercing