Hello Beauty !!
Another month I show you the pet box PET SECRET , Xandy is delighted, this month the box comes full, if it costs to close and as you see it goes out the sides!

Let's see what brings the box Pet secret :

LAUNCHER OF BALLS; is a very simple and ingenious toy that allows you to throw a tennis ball to your dog hundreds of times without getting tired. He will do a lot of exercise and have a great time.
To throw it just do a swing movement, as if the thrower was an extension of your arm . When you reach a sufficient speed, the ball simply falls off and travels a distance of between 30 and 40 meters, depending on your strength and practice. Only the movement of the wrist is required to reach these distances. Be careful not to hit anyone during a pitch.

DOG ROPE TOY , has been the first thing that has taken me away, I was looking forward to it ending take the pictures to run with her.

NATUKITOS - Sobrasada & Queso; are tasty and nutritious homemade cookies, baked with sobrasada and soft cheese.
Made with 100% ingredients suitable for human consumption, without dyes or preservatives or other additives. They also do not add salt or sugar.
100% NATURAL BIRD NERVE; succulent dehydrated and smoked beef nerve that provides perfect dental hygiene for your pet. div>
These exquisite treats are made with selected natural ingredients of the highest quality. It is a product made in Spain, a guarantee of freshness and quality.
These snacks are ideal to take care of your dog's health and are very nutritious treats.
CANINE FINEST - Premium; developed to meet the nutritional needs of active adult dogs. Fish, poultry and rice provide easily assimilated proteins and combine fatty acids for a healthy coat.
Vitamins, herbs and dietary fiber support a healthy immune system.

And here you see it happier that a partridge with its new box:

The subscription of this box is only 10 euros with free shipping costs, you can also find it for cats. There is no period of permanence.
What do you think about the monthly pet secret box this month? Kisses