Tricks to cure burns quickly, my experience

Holachicas !!
The ones you follow on facebook know that I've been burning for a while, specifically with wax. I took the wax out of the microwave and I went very happily when I kicked the floor and the wax fell down my leg and arm.
The wax was hotter than expected and I was there were horrible signs. I did not know if I was hurting from the pain I had or from the scars I thought they were going to leave.
I asked you for advice and recommended many things, but as I told you at the pharmacy, it's not like there's of everything, in the end I only got rosehip oil.
Porsi someday happens to you as I burn you in some other way I leave in this beauty blog picked up some tips to heal burns .

Tips to cure burns quickly

As I said I used this rosehip boat, today the boat is so because it is too much, its price is about € 10 in pharmacies. Depending on the brand of Rosa mosqueta that you buy you will be worth more or less, this is quite good and for the prices that I have seen is economical.

Plants to cure burns:

At home I also had it and I was using it all the time. I recommend everyone to have one of these pots at home, as it is good not only for burns but for many other things that we will see in other posts.
Also if you are one of the that the pots are dried, there are no problems because they never dry out.

How long have they taken me to cure the burns?

The day after I had I had it burned as you can see in the picture. Practically in a month and a half all the scars of the burns have disappeared, but let's go in parts.
The first week to cure the burns , for the day I threw aloe vera 4 times. He cut a leaf and split it into small pieces that he was using throughout the day. And in the evening I put the rosehip oil.
The second week to cure the burns I would get aloe vera 2 times a day and by the nights rosehip equal that previously. As you can see, the burns were being healed . Here the skin was already dry and it started to fall to pieces.
When they had this aspect, I was already I threw aloe vera and rosehip when I remembered, but at least once a day one of the two things. Of course I'm recommending that you do not forget, but I have a bad memory.
today in the leg yano I have scar no scars, following these beauty tricks so basic.
In the arm when I get solse I see a bit the stain but you have to look very much, paranotar the burn.
Although I trust that with time, even if I'm in the sun, I can not see anything anymore.

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And have you ever burned yourself? Did you know how to cure burns ? Do you like that you have collected these tricks in this beauty blog ?